Tuesday, 29 April 2014

21 months Post Relaxer! - 29/04/2014

Hey guys!
Miss B here giving you an update on my hair growth since last time I took it out of my normal proctective style. Fortunately this time I managed to leave my natural hair out for a whole week, enabling me to 'rock' a few afro styles.
Honestly, I gotta admit I love how much my hair has actually grown as I was able to rock a puff for the first.time.EVER. And this wasn't one of those small puffs, no it was pretty big gaining a lot of stares with my sunglasses just below it.
I know I said shrinkage was a problem last time but now I just suck it up and use the Tension Method with the hair dryer to give myself a nice big afro which I can style easily. I've recently purchased some new products which I feel I should talk about soon, and I will do as soon as exams are over and stuff. Been really busy lately, but it's nice to know that there are SOME people out there reading my blog. I love you guys! :)

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Miss B.


Sunday, 16 February 2014

19months post relaxer! 6 months natural! - 16/02/2014

Hey guys! Miss B here giving you an update on my hair growth since I BC'd.
My hair has been in braids non stop for the past 6 months, allowing a couple days breather. Last week, marked my 6 month anniversary since the BC which I got to see how my hair has grown. I can tell you it has grown a lot. Round about early November 2013 my hair stretched to almost shoulder length,
Taking out my braids recently took a long while - 8 hours straight to be exact. But it was all worth it as afterwards I gave my hair a thorough detangling process followed by the LOC Method. (My favourite method for mosturizing my hair, more on this later!) Anyway with my hair stretched I have reached COLLAR BONE length. This is a really big deal to me, showing much healthy hair progress as when I was relaxed my hair never even managed touch my shoulders. Though I haven't managed to straighten my hair so far, when I do I know round about where it should be.
This is such a major issue which 4c which I actually don't seem to mind too much. When I wash my hair, it shrinks up the most that makes it seem as though I have not had any growth. Lol! Anyways I managed to stretch my hair using the TENSION METHOD on almost dry hair. This gave my hair a big afro which I had never had before. I was so exctied, surprising everyone around me, who were in disbelief of how soft my hair was.
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Miss B.


Thursday, 31 October 2013

UPDATE - 30/10/2013

Hey Guys!!! I apologise for not posting in a long while but I've been busy, lots of things going on at this time. Thanks to my new subscribers I see, really appreciate it thanks. Firstly, I'd like to share with you my BIG CHOP with happened exactly a month after my 1 year anniversary. Honestly, I big chopped because as I was going back to school I wanted to be able to put my hair in 'Pick and Drop' extensions to make it quicker to style in the mornings! I couldn't do that before because my hair was dealing with two textures and the hairdressers refused to do it. Lol. Anyway, I decided to do the big chop myself but left out my bangs in the front for nicer styling as I had a full fringe. Just a couple pictures of length and so on: (One reason I'm happy I did the big chop is I could see how much my hair could grow and has grown in just over a year. While I was relaxed my hair only ever used to just touch my shoulders)

Honestly, when I first did the BC I didn't really like it that much but after about two months of keeping it in braids till September, my hair seemed to grow a lot faster. I've recently put it back in pick and drop extensions but maintain healthiness of my hair by doing the daily spritz of water as well as occasionally washing the braids to keep it clean. Thanks for reading. Don't forget to #subscribe, #comment and #share!Miss B.

1 Year Post Relaxer!!! - 14/07/2013

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that today I am officially celebrating my 1 year post relaxer. I know I haven't blogged for a while, been really busy lately, feels like time has just flown by. I can still remember getting my last relaxer last July on this very day! Since then my hair has seen a lot of growth even considering that I've trimmed it 2 or 3 times over the past year. My new growth is looking good, I can see a visible curl pattern as well, though with the relaxed ends I can't tell the exact pattern just yet. The new growth is practically half way there but I don't think I'm ready to cut just yet! I'm still waiting till I can get a nice sized Afro or so.
I've found that my number one transitioning hairstyle has to be flexi rods. I have to say that they always turn out the best, retaining length and texture all in one. Plus I can get different sized curls out of them.
Pictures up soon guys!
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Miss B.


10 Months Post Relaxer! - 03/06/2013

Hey guys! So today I'm celebrating my 10 month transitioning which is almost a year. Yay! My new growth is evident at this point especially since I took those braids out. Recently I've bought some new products but ill review them later on this month or next month after I've used them for a while:
-Pink style & hold gel
-Africa's best curl moisturizer
Lately, I have been trying out many different protective styles on my hair including:
Flexi Rods
Personally this is my favourite protective style as I can produce different curls out of them. The one that retains the most length is the beach waves created by the flexi rods which I like my hair to look at times.
Twist outs
These are my least favourite on transitioning hair as the results do look a bit limpy and lifeless due to those relaxed ends! Though it is a cute style when I can get some volume into it.
Braid outs
These took quite a while go dry but are worth the results in my opinion. Its a cute go to style that doesn't require so much effort. Though I would like to know how I can fluff them out a bit to give more volume.
Bantu Knot outs
Not tried these yet but will do soon.
Thanks for reading guys. Tutorials and pictures will be posted soon.
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Miss B.


The trouble with braids. - 18/05/2013

Hey guys! So today I want to talk about box braid singles and how I feel about them. Personally, I like them a lot but for me I don't think straight hair suits me too much. Don't get me wrong, it looks great on lots of other people.
Another thing is that I find it very difficult to style them in different ways so I'm forced to constantly put it up in a high ponytail. Though occasionally I do place different hats on my head, but I find the weather is getting too warm for that. Leaving my braids down and out just never seems to look right. Maybe its just me I don't know.
However I love the fact that the braids are low maintenance meaning I don't have to apply much to it just comb my edges and oil and spray once in a while as well as spraying my scalp with water before I go to bed. Anyways I. was just wondering if you all know any quick, cute ways I can style my braids comment below or email me directly.
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Miss B.


Presevation - 07/05/2013

Hey guys. So today I want to let you all know about how I keep my roots healthy even when they're in braids!
At night I make sure to spray my roots with warm water and cover it with a plastic cap or scarf. I've been meaning to get a silk/satin scarf and pillow but never got around to it. Though those are better for retaining moisture.
I also apply 'Soul mate hair conditioner plus' (with protein placenta and panthenol daily to my edges, scalp, roots and the braids itself. Olive oil sheen spray is always on hand to make it shine!
So anyways back to the Soul mate hair conditioner plus' I believe its really great for the hair for moisture, and to keep it healthy as it contains: mineral oil, Castor oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, pathenol, placenta, lanolin, methyl paraben and fragrance & colour.
The complete package, in my opinion, as it has the oils and proteins needed for our hair. Personally I think that this really helped my hair retain its healthiness. (That and keeping my body hydrated of course)
Anyway thank you guys for reading this, I hoped it helped and look forward to hearing from you.
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Miss B.