Thursday, 31 October 2013

UPDATE - 30/10/2013

Hey Guys!!! I apologise for not posting in a long while but I've been busy, lots of things going on at this time. Thanks to my new subscribers I see, really appreciate it thanks. Firstly, I'd like to share with you my BIG CHOP with happened exactly a month after my 1 year anniversary. Honestly, I big chopped because as I was going back to school I wanted to be able to put my hair in 'Pick and Drop' extensions to make it quicker to style in the mornings! I couldn't do that before because my hair was dealing with two textures and the hairdressers refused to do it. Lol. Anyway, I decided to do the big chop myself but left out my bangs in the front for nicer styling as I had a full fringe. Just a couple pictures of length and so on: (One reason I'm happy I did the big chop is I could see how much my hair could grow and has grown in just over a year. While I was relaxed my hair only ever used to just touch my shoulders)

Honestly, when I first did the BC I didn't really like it that much but after about two months of keeping it in braids till September, my hair seemed to grow a lot faster. I've recently put it back in pick and drop extensions but maintain healthiness of my hair by doing the daily spritz of water as well as occasionally washing the braids to keep it clean. Thanks for reading. Don't forget to #subscribe, #comment and #share!Miss B.


  1. Congrats on your big chop love! Your hair looks awesome, and I know it's grown so much more since you took these pics :)

  2. Thank you so much! Glad to see people actually visit my site. I checked out yours too!

    Miss B